wedding bells and wedding dresses

I have now officially turned into Bridezilla. I should not have told Ben this rather not so nice nickname for brides-to-be who go nuts about the preparation of their weddings. But I have and now I am being called exactly that on a regular basis. However I am all calm and relaxed about this now, since the beautiful tilli tomas plie yarn (yes it is 100% silk!!!) has finally arrived after being stuck in German customs for some time and after being released by me- Bridezilla- who had to pay an enormous ransom!!! Taxes are just …. well I am not going to swear in my calm zone: aka knitting blog!
But see for yourselves. I’ll attach pictures of the lovely yarn and my first steps into crocheting, which I find a lot easier and quicker than I expected.

By the way, in case you did not guess this already: I am really exited about crocheting my wedding dress!!! The pattern can be found in Nicky Epstein’s Knitting in Tuscany and is called Bella Bride’s Dress.


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finally some pictures

Now here’s some pictures finally:
Baby Marie including her brand new blanket, teacosy and egg cosies and the famous pink thong…
I started knitting my very first dress recently but a the moment this has become a ufo since there are now birthdays en masse and also another wedding and a christening, and of course my own wedding, at which I intend to wear the Nicky Epstein crocheted wedding dress. So wish me luck!!!

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Right, so I’ve finished the thong and baby blanket. I am going to add some pictures at a later time. For now I am knitting wedding presents. One couple is going to get a tea set complete with tea cosy and egg cosies. And then my cousin is going to get a lacy shawl. So I’d better stop surfing the  web and get knitting 😉

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And finally I here present some of my recent productions, all concerned with babies, babies, babies:

First of all we have the very essential burp cloth, if you loo closely you can see that the word BURP is actually printed on the cloth:



Next there is a very big bib (should have considered the gauge I guess) with a penguin which does not come out very well on this picture:


Another bib, this time a dinosaur one:



cute booties, still lacking cute buttons, but I did not yet have the time or money to go shopping for them:100_0231

baby sweater, not yet blocked:



And last but not least the ultimate ‘green’ peace bib.100_0234

 My current project: A colourful baby blanket and a lacy thong for a co-worker

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Knitting and crocheting during the evenings

These days I never really have any real time just for knitting or crocheting, but as I have been working so much lately, I decided never tow work/ study longer then 9pm, so the rest of the day is just for Ben, Maya and myself. Mostly we all sit in front of the TV and enjoy a soul-soothing episode of ‘Our little house on the Prairy’. Nothing goes better with this than some knitting. And here are the results:100_02241I have knitted this cute bib for which I found the pattern on ravelry again. It does not habe a button yet, but it will as soon as I find a really nice one.

100_02251This picture shows the cable pattern in a bit more detail. unfortunately the self-patterned yarn makes it a bit hard to see.

I also knitted these peekaboo mittens, again found on ravelry. I think they are really useful and good looking as well:


And here you can see how they work:


I also knitted a catnip ball for Maya which did not turn out as round as the pattern suggested, and a mobile phone cosy for Ben. I am going to knit another one for me and soon I am going to start that shawl I was anticipating. More pictures to follow!

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current knitting

This is what I was knitting last. It is a ‘my so-called scarf’ and a ‘rustic cables’ hat, I found them both on ravelry. I especially like the scarf, as usually when I knit scarves they just roll up. Maybe I am knitting too tight which I would deny but there you go!

I made up the gloves as I do not seem to understand any glove patterns 🙂

The little thingies are ‘magic slippers’ also from ravelry. They are the first in a long list of baby things I intend to make for Ben’s future niece or nephew.


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I knit to relax and knitting keeps me happy

And that is the truth. Also I find that hand knitted gifts are a great way to show that you like someone and at least among my family and friends they are greatly appreciated.

This year is going to be a particularly busy knitting year for me, as my favourite cousin is getting married, and of course I want to give her something special for that occasion. I was thinking along the lines of a shawl or so.

Also Ben’s brother and his girlfriend are having a baby so there will be a lot of small items going through my hands till then. I am looking forward to this and also to keeping you posted and show you the results.

So bear with me during the next few months and I think we will have a lot of fun. For now I am going to have a major stash sighting, and am really excited about it!!!

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Herzlich Willkommen!

Hello everyone,

My name is Becky and I have been knitting ever since primary school. In the year 2000 or maybe a little earlier I started knitting socks and never knitted anything else since, because that’s what everybody requested since then. Only last year I discovered that there are a lot of different things to knit and I have been experimenting ever since.

I have been crocheting even longer. My mother taught me to even before I started school, and I loved it and still do. Yet, I tend to knit more as progress is faster.

I’d like to dedicate this blog to my most favourite hobby: crafts!!!

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